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Finance Committee (Closed Session)

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Issues Day (Public Session)

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ITGA Annual General Assembly (Closed Session)

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Field Trip

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Tanzania, a country to discover!

Ngorongoro Crater Safari
The Ngorongoro Crater is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tanzania (and like in all of Africa). Home to a…
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Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro is unquestionably one of the most famous mountains in the world. Revered by travelers, climbers, and experienced hikers, Mount Kilimanjaro represents a monumental, …
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Best Islands in Tanzania
Tanzania is considered one of the tourist hotspots of the African continent, and not just because of its world-class safari destinations. In recent decades, Tanzania’s…
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Water Crisis in Tanzania
Water is life. And, access to clean water is life. Similar to many poor nations around the world, the United Republic of Tanzania, a country…
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Best Safaris in Tanzania
Tanzania is perhaps best known for its wealth of world-class safari options. People come from far and wide to visit Tanzania’s vast plains and geological…
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Best Beaches in Tanzania
In recent years, Tanzania has become widely known as a beach destination. White sand and clear blue ocean line Tanzania’s main shores and the country…
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8 Best Resorts in Zanzibar
Zanzibar has quickly become one of the most popular island destinations. Its sandy beaches, sky blue waters, and balmy climate make it a coveted destination…
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Best Beaches in Zanzibar
The Zanzibar archipelago is one of the most popular tourist regions in all of Africa. The main island of Uganda (referred to primarily as “Zanzibar…
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Best Hotels in Zanzibar
Zanzibar is an ideal vacation destination for so many reasons. With whit sandy beaches, endless blue oceans, lively villages and towns, it’s no wonder this…
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Mwanza, Tanzania Travel Guide: What to See and Do
Mwanza is a city in northwestern Tanzania, along the shore of Lake Victoria. Mwanza is a port city, and also the second largest city in…
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